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At ZMIR technology our production facilities offer precision custom machining capabilities for metals, plastics and ceramics. We own two workshops and 86 CNC machining centers. We utilize advanced 3-, 4-, and full 5-axis production and metrology equipment. Some of our equipment include: TSUGAMI, BROTHER, FEELER, CMM, 2D measuring projector, and so on.
With over ten years of experience, we've refined our processes by ensuring timely delivery, fast communications and minimal waste. We always focus on high quality output and customer satisfaction. Through our dedicated quality management team we maintain international standard and adhere to the ISO9001-2015 accreditation.
Our headquarter SOMIR was established in 2008 at Dongguang, Guangdong province, China. With over 70 CNC machining centers, we are one of China's largest manufacturers specialized in the line of CNC machined electronical parts. We also specialize in production of 3C Consumer Digital, Power tools, Automation, and Industrial machining Components.
We have a well know reputation on quality for making our customer needs our top target. By continuously addressing the demands of our clients, in 2018 we launched a new factory called
Zhengxuan, which is now equipped with 18 sets of
advanced imported CNC machining, such as, TSUGAMI, Brother and Feeler brand. This brought into play the advantage of consolidation to jointly create a market on senior precision of CNC services in Aerospace, Defence, Telecommunications, Medical&Health Care, and Automotive sectors.
In 2020, ZMIR was established in order to expand into the international market. ZMIR which is located in Shenzhen was established in order to strengthen relationships between our two factories and our valued customers worldwide.
"MIR" is from "SOMIR", "Z" is from " Zhengxuan". Today, ZMIR is the world's fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and on-demand production parts with two manufacturing facilities in China.
Our Mission锛歍o become the world's leading producer of precision CNC machining services.
Our Vision: Abide by contract, guarantee quality, deliver timely, offer excellent service. Standing on the customers' position, we make ourselves more and more perfect.
Our Values: The people-oriented, quality customer service.China Magnetic Case For The IPhone XS MAX suppliers
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