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Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers


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12V 12Ah Professional Prismatic Lithium Batteries For Golf Carts Fast Charging
Product Details:
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Cleva Power
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number:1212F-S120A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:50pcs
Packaging Details:standard export carton
Delivery Time:2~4weeks for samples; 4~6weeks for mass production
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
Supply Ability:450Mwh/year
Material:Nano LiFePO4Type:prismatic
Nominal Voltage:12.8VNominal Capacity:12Ah
Weight:1.6kgWarranty:2 Years
Fast Charging
Replace the traditional lead acid batteries
Long lifespan & powerful & reliable
Lighter & smaller and environment friendly
2.1Rated Capacity12Ah
Minimum Capacity11.4Ah
2.3Nominal Voltage12.8V
2.4Outgoing Voltage鈮?2.8V
2.5Internal resistance鈮?0m惟
2.6Series parallel applicationSupport up to four groups in series and Need to inform battery suppliers
2.7Limited charge voltage14.6卤0.2V
2.8Floating charge voltage13.8卤0.2V
2.9Standard charge current6A
2.10Maximum charge current12A
2.11Standard discharge current6A
2.12Maximum discharge current12A/ Continue to finished
15A/ Continue to discharge 30 min
2.13Pulse discharge currentWithstand the 60A/3s
2.14Discharge cut-off voltage8.0V
2.15DimensionLength: 151卤2mm
Width: 98.5卤2mm
Height: 95卤2mm
2.16WeightApprox: 1.6Kg
2.17Operating TemperatureCharging:0锝?5鈩?/p>
Recommended operating temperature:15鈩冿綖35鈩?/p>
2.18Self-discharge rateResidual capacity: 鈮?% per month; 鈮?5% per year
Reversible capacity: 鈮?.5% per month; 鈮?% per year
2.19Storage Temperature & Humidity RangeLess than 1 month: -20鈩冿綖35鈩? 45%RH锝?5锛匯H
Less than 3 months: -10鈩冿綖35鈩? 5%RH锝?5锛匯H
Recommended storage environment:
15鈩冿綖35鈩? 45%RH锝?5锛匯H
Long time storage:
If the battery need be stored for a long time, the voltage should be 13.2V(50%SOC), and stored in the condition as storage proposal. It need at least one charge & discharge cycle every six months
Product Performance
NO.ItemsCriteriaTesting method
4.1Rated Capacity12AhRest for 1 hour after fully charged, then discharge with 0.33C current until the battery reaches the discharge cutoff voltage. Repeat above process for three times, if the discharge time is not less than 120 minutes, you can stop and define the Discharging current*time value (Ah) as battery capacity.
4.2Minimum Capacity11.4Ah
4.3Internal resistance鈮?0m惟50% battery SOC state frequency of 1 KHZ ac resistance tester
4.4Short circuit protectionYesConnect the positive and negative of this battery pack through a lead with the resistance less than 5m惟.
4.5Cycle life
(DOD100%)鈮?000cycleDischarge with the current of 0.33C until it can’t discharge, and then rest it for 1h. Charge the battery following CC(0.33C)/CV(14.6V) mode to full capacity, and then rest it for 1h. Repeat above process until full charged capacity is no more than 80% of normal value. Accumulated times is defined as cycle life.
4.6Discharge Temperature
Characteristics-20鈩?/p>鈮?0%At 25卤5鈩?discharge the battery with the current of 0.33C to the cut-off voltage and record charge capacity. Store the battery at various temperatures for 2h and discharge the battery with 0.33C to the cut-off voltage.
4.7Charge Retention abilityResidual
capacity鈮?0%Charge the battery to full capacity and store it for 28days, and then discharge it with 0.33C to the cut-off voltage.
Recovery capacity鈮?0%
1. Output with high efficiency: Standard discharge current is 0.3C-1C, pulse discharge current is 3.5C for 3 seconds.
2. Good performance under wide temperature -20-60鈩? The battery structure is safe and good.
3. Good safety performance: When the pressure inside the battery is too large, the one-way safety valve will release gas and heat to make sure battery perform well. When the internal pressure reaches a certain level, the valve will be open immediately which can protect the battery from burning and explosion.
4. Long cycle life time, the discharge capacity is still over 80% after 2000 cycle times of single cell(100%DOD).
5. It can fast charging. It could be charged to 80% within 20 minutes and charged full with 2-3h.
6. Low self-discharge. Less than 3% per month.
7. No pollution during manufacture and usage.
鈼?Energy Storage System
鈼?Starter Battery
鈼?RV Camper/Caraven Battery
鈼?UPS Storage Battery
鈼?Forklift Battery
鈼?Golf Trolley/Cart Battery
鈼?EV Battery
鈼?Outdoor Portable Power Battery
鈼?Marine Battery
Excellent service
1. 2 years' warranty on our LiFePO4 Battery
2. Fast Delivery service.
3. Quick response to your any inquiry within 12 hours.
4. Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcome.
5. Shipment by Air Express (door to door service), by Air Flight and by Vessel, all Available.
6. Offer the highest quality with the best price.
7. Professional Pre-sales service with Whole-hearted After-sales service.
Your inquiry will be warmly welcomed, looking forward to our long term cooperation.Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers
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