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Customized Satin Printed Label


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Our History
Zamfun Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. was established on April 21, 2014. ZAMFUN has a group of young & professionals team members. ZAMFUN thermal transfer products are widely used in Garments,bags, shoes, accessories, etc., it meets the top certifications of the industry such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1, BV. With innovative ideas, wonderful inspiration, excellent passion, and unremitting research and development, We commit to offering innovative solutions and high quality products in order to innovate the global garment industry.
Our Factory
The company has a complete heat transfer technology system solution (providing comprehensive, high-performance, systematic customized products and technical services according to customer-related fabrics, washing and other requirements), ZAMFUN has a complete supply system (research and development, orders, Factory, service, and shipping), with excellent quality, prompt feedback, and stable supply capacity, play a key role in many of Garments Manufactory such as Shenzhou, Uniqlo, and are deeply loved by first-line brands such as ADIDAS NIKE PUMA.
Our Main Produc
1. heat transfer vinyl
2. 3D silicone heat transfe labels
3. tagless heat transfer labels
4. reflective heat transfer sticker
5. Offset Printing heat transfer logo
6. heat transfer patchs
7. Hang Tag
8. woven label
9. Patches 10 garment Cord...
Product Application
Clothing, shoes, bags, accessories
Our Certificate
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a registered trademark developed by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex). It is used to detect whether textiles and garments have harmful substances that affect human health, to ensure that the products do not contain or release harmful substances such as heavy metals, fumarin, aromatic amines, etc. It is divided into four grades, Class 1, direct contact with the skin (Class 2), no direct contact with the skin (Class 3) and decorative material (Class 4). Class 1 is the most stringent standard, and this test represents ZAMFUN's products harmless to infants 0-3 years old.
Production Equipment
Automatic printing machine, die cutting machine, Cutting machine, Carving machine, laser machine, digital printer Machine
Production Market
Zhanfan has won the recognition and trust of many well-known international brands and textile factories by insisting on professional services, and has become a supplier of NIKE, Adidas and other major brands, occupying an important position in the global garment accessories market.
Our Service
One-stop supply chain system.
From order (customization), quotation, proofing, factory production, shipment, and after-sales feedback, Zhanfan has a complete supply chain process, and the whole process with customized services.Customized Satin Printed Label
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