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Product Introduction
The large industrial and commercial fan is driven by permanent magnet synchronous motor, which saves connecting rod of reducer, gearless and high-speed running bearing, and avoids oil change, gear reducer and bearing replacement and maintenance. Well done, maintenance free, greatly improving the service life of large industrial fans. It brings users a lot of reliable experience.
Product Parameter (specification)
What is the difference between HVLS fans and traditional ceiling fan?
Comparing with the high-speed traditional fans, HVLS fans' speed is low but with a massive column of air. And HVLS fans have huge size of fan blades which could cover a larger area. What鈥檚 more, HVLS fans could save more energy and cost.
Noise: Noise will be an issue with traditional fans. You will use hundreds of fans and the collective noise will be annoying and might be above 85 dB. So, it is better to use HVLS fans because they have low noise.
Maintenance: Traditional fans require maintenance. They require frequent cleaning and maintenance. In contrast, HVLS fans require almost zero maintenance.
Our Advantages
1) Energy saving.
2) Maintenande free, no need to change seals , add oils.
3) Without noise, only 38db, can also be used in the office, the mall, hall besides the workshop and warehouse.
4) Small size and light weight.
Permanent magnet servo drive motor
PMSM锛圥ermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor锛?technology with high efficiency and long service time.It adopts outer rotor structure, direct drive linkage and drive impeller rotation principle.Direct drive, without gear, no need lubrication oil replacement.
Integrated control box
Applicable places
It can be widely used in large space , like industrial workshop, warehouse, supermarket, office workshop, commercial center, gymnasium, school hall, large restaurant, villa, government hall, bus station, animal farm, foundry industry, metallurgical industry, product cooling and so on.
Q: Can you give us a favorable discount ?
A: Of course, a favorable discount will be offered if the quantity is sizable.
Q: What鈥檚 the payment term?
A: 30%TT deposit before production, 70% balance before delivery.
How to maintain large energy-saving ceiling fans
1. Fan blade and motor maintenance and cleaning
Users in the use of large energy saving ceiling fan, should according to the ceiling fan work environment dust, oil how much of the ceiling fan for timely cleaning and maintenance, mainly including fan blade upper dust, oil and dirt outside the motor oil and dust. Only by regularly cleaning and maintaining the exterior of the ceiling fan can the large energy-saving ceiling fan reduce the failure rate during operation and provide a clean and tidy air environment for the staff working in the ceiling fan environment.
2. Clean the bearing regularly and lubricate it
As the main working part of a large energy-saving ceiling fan, the bearing plays a key role in the operation of the ceiling fan and is also the key factor for whether the ceiling fan can save energy. If the bearing is blocked in operation, the energy consumption of the ceiling fan will be increased. Therefore, when users use large energy-saving ceiling fans on a daily basis, they should regularly clean the bearing oil, and timely smear lubricating oil to maintain the bearing parts of the ceiling fan, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the bearing and reduce energy consumption.
3. Regular maintenance and replacement of wear and tear accessories
Users in the use of large energy-saving ceiling fans, in addition to daily routine inspection and maintenance, but also according to the ceiling fan using time and frequency for regular inspection of the time, the user through the regular check, the ceiling fans of wear parts, loose screws in the process of the equipment operation and less parts replacement or maintenance in time, ensure that through regular maintenance to make ceiling fan operation is normal, not happen blade deciduous or loose screws fall from.
Users in their daily use strict attention to cleaning and maintenance is required for a large energy saving ceiling fan blades, motor, oil pollution prevention of dust cover, and according to the actual large ceiling fan energy saving operation timely cleaning bearing add lubricating oil, and replace the worn out or less regular ceiling fan and spare parts to ensure cost-effective large-scale energy-efficient ceiling fans in the running process reduce the failure rate, and can prolong the service life of large energy-saving ceiling fans.BLDC Fans in stock
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